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Quanton Physics recognizes the free and unlimited magnetic energy of space.

There is a good chance that since the early 1900’s the leading physicists have taken quantum physics down the wrong track. They have developed extensive and very complex mathematical theories to explain the electromagnetic energy particle patterns which we see as our “material” world. They have assumed that electromagnetic energy is foundational. They may be right, but a consideration of our history of false assumptions would say otherwise.

We have to work with assumptions while trying to reach the next level of understanding of our perceived “reality”. False assumptions always lead to increasingly complex but incomplete theories regarding reality until it is finally realized that the initial assumption was wrong.

In regard to the physical realities of our perceived universe, we began with the assumption that the universe revolved around us. Trying to explain the movements of the universe in that way proved to be too complex, so we switched the assumption to revolution around our solar system. In the 1700’s the church considered it heretical to challenge the solar system assumption and greatly impeded scientific progress for many years. By the 1900’s the power of the scientific method had gained the upper hand and religious or spiritual beliefs were no longer given any consideration.

We are now operating on the Big Bang theory and the assumption that the conservational field of electromagnetic energy is foundational. The assumption is that approximately 14 billion years ago, all of the electromagnetic energy in our universe appeared instantaneously from a single point of origin in the vastness of previously empty space. This assumes that the electromagnetic energy was preexisting and that it does not come from, or get created by, anything else.

Quanton Physics challenges this assumption.

Throughout our history, key assumptions regarding our “perceived” reality have proven to be wrong and I think there is evidence that it is happening once again. There are numerous reasons to believe this. Quantum physics deals with particles which are too small or moving too rapidly to be measured directly by the physical means that are used to study regular physics. As a result, the study of quantum physics was open to being taken over by mathematical theories that have become exceedingly complex.

It would appear that a great deal of progress has been made, but there are still many significant questions awaiting satisfactory explanation. For example:

  1. Wave-particle duality, how can the electron appear to be both a wave and a particle? – it is theorized that it doesn’t exist as a particle until measured. Is that reasonable?
  2. How do particles get their mass? – The Higgs Field and Higgs Boson are theorized as the answer.
  3. What creates the gravitational force and how is it transmitted? – The graviton is theorized as the force carrier but it cannot unify the gravitational force from the quantum to the macro.
  4. How well do we understand black holes, dark matter and/or dark energy? – The answer is – not very well.
  5. Do we really understand electromagnetic energy? – If so, where does the magnetic component come from? – Is space truly empty, if not, what kind of energy is it full of?

The postulates of Quanton Physics can be used to provide alternative answers to each of the questions above that are far more straightforward and easy to understand. The two postulates of Quanton Physics, the Quanta Field and the Quanton, only ask us to assume that electromagnetic energy is not foundational.

The postulates of Quanton Physics are the result of my study of others work that challenges the assumptions of quantum physics as well as insights gained from what I consider to be viable revelatory sources. I believe that Quanton Physics can lead to a greatly simplified understanding of the quantum world and of our interconnectedness to it.

Postulate One is that space is a plenum of, as yet unrecognized, stationary but vibrating, non-polarized (pure attractive only) magnetic energy that has always “existed”. This energy of space is called the Quanta Field.

Postulate Two is that the ability to create our “material” world of time and space began when a fixed number of basic Quanton pattern pieces appeared throughout space (the “Big Bang”) exposing less than 5% of the existing magnetic energy of the Quanta Field (Postulate One). The basic Quanton pattern piece is the pattern of the least energetic photon.

In Quanton Physics the Quanta Field and the Quanton are the true creative source of the conservational field of electromagnetic energy which in turn creates the “material” world that we see. If it were not for the existence of this basic Quanton pattern piece, we would never know that space was filled with vibrating magnetic energy . We would think that there was “nothing” there. I recently ran across an excellent explanation of how something could appear to come from nothing in the book Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn by Amanda Gefter.

The following quotation is from a conversation with her father as he was having lunch with his 15 year old daughter (Amanda Gefter) at a Chinese restaurant. He has asked her how she would describe nothing, and has received the answer “I’m guessing it would be nothing”.

Her father says “Right! Think about it — a ‘thing’ is defined by its boundaries. By what differentiates it from something else. That’s why when you draw something, it’s enough to draw its outline. Its edges. The edges define the ‘thing’. But if you have a completely homogeneous state with no edges, and it’s infinite so there’s nothing else to differentiate it from … it would contain no ‘things’. It would be nothing! Usually people think that to get to nothing, you have to remove everything. But if nothing is defined as an infinite, unbounded homogeneous state, you don’t have to remove anything to get to it — you just have to put everything into a specific configuration. Think about it this way. You take a blender to the world — you blend up every object, every chair and table and fortune cookie in this place, you blend it all until everything is just atoms and then you keep blending the atoms until any remaining structure is gone, until everything in the universe looks exactly the same, and this completely undifferentiated stuff is spread out infinitely without bound. Everything will have disappeared into sameness. Everything becomes nothing. But in some sense it’s still everything, because everything you started with is still in there. Nothing is just everything in a different configuration.”

I thought that was an excellent way to explain how space (the Quanta Field) can appear to be empty and yet be full of spatially fixed but vibrating, non-polarized magnetic energy. A very small amount of this spatially fixed but vibrating, non-polarized magnetic energy is exposed to us (by Quanton patterns) as the conservational field of electromagnetic energy that we “see”. The energy of the Quanta Field is exposed by the Quanton (boundary) pattern of the moving or vibrating ‘thing’ which we call a photon or “material” particle.

I hope that this brief introduction has been sufficient to capture your interest. Quanton Physics is based on the assumption the electromagnetic energy is not foundational. If that is correct, the physics of the Quanton will lead the way to the Dawn of the Magnetic Age.

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