Helpful Background Information

The following quotations are taken from The Urantia Book (UB) and from Love Without End (LWE) followed by (my interpretation) of the information that has been revealed. This information is intended to guide us to the truth. Please read it carefully in order to get as much as possible out of it. In this section, I hope to see a dialog established to further develop an understanding of the quanton patterns for the electromagnetic spectrum.
The quotations are identified by book:
The Urantia Book as UB followed by Paper#:Section#.Paragraph#.
Love Without End as LWE followed by page#.
UB42:5.1 - " - - - There are 100 octaves of wave energy. Of these 100 groups of energy manifestations, sixty-four are wholly or partially recognized on Urantia. The sun's rays constitute four octaves in the superuniverse scale, the visible rays embracing a single octave, number forty-six in this series. The ultraviolet group comes next, while ten octaves up are the X-rays, followed by the gamma rays of radium. Thirty-two octaves above the visible light of the sun are the outer-space energy rays so frequently commingled with their associated highly energized minute particles of matter. Next downward from the visible sunlight appear the infrared rays, and thirty  octaves below are the radio transmission group."
(I have assumed that each octave is the Egg of Life pattern exposing eight quanta from the Quanta Field.)
UB42.5.2 - "Wavelike energy manifestations--from the standpoint of twentieth-century Urantia scientific enlightenment--may be classified into the following ten groups:
1.  Infraultimatonic rays--the borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin to assume definite form. This is the first stage of energy in which wavelike phenomena can be detected and measured.
2.  Ultimatonic rays. The assembly of energy into the minute spheres of the ultimatons occasions vibrations in the content of space which   are discernible and measurable. And long before physicists ever discover the ultimaton, they will undoubtedly detect the phenomena of these rays as they shower in upon Urantia. These short and powerful rays represent the initial activity of the ultimatons as they are slowed down to that point where they veer towards the electronic organization of matter. As the ultimatons aggregate into electrons, condensation occurs with a consequent storage of energy."
(I think that this refers to the electromagnetic spectrum and the transition to the electron by the addition of a single Quanton.)
  3.  The short space rays.  These are the shortest of all purely electronic vibrations and represent the preatomic stage of this form of matter. These rays require extraordinarily high or low temperatures for their production.  There are two sorts of these space rays: one attendant upon the birth of atoms and the other indicative of atomic disruption.  They emanate in the largest quantities from the densest plane of the superuniverse, the Milky Way, which is also the densest plane of the outer universes.
 4.  The electronic stage.  This stage of energy is the basis for all materialization in the seven superuniverses.  When electrons pass from higher to lower energy levels of orbital revolution, quanta are always given off.  Orbital shifting of electrons results in the ejection or absorption of very definite and uniform measurable particles of light-energy, while the individual electron always give up a particle of light-energy when subjected to collision.  Wavelike energy manifestations also attend upon the performances of the positive bodies and the other members of the electronic stage.
 5.  Gamma rays--those emanations which characterize the spontaneous dissociation of atomic matter.  The best illustration of this form of electronic activity is in the phenomena associated with radium disintegration.
 6.  The X-ray group.  The next step in the slowing down of the electron yields the various forms of solar X rays together with artificially generated X rays.  The electronic charge creates an electric field; movement gives rise to an electric current; the current produces a magnetic field.  When an electron is suddenly stopped, the resultant electromagnetic commotion produces the X ray;  the X ray is that disturbance.  The solar X rays are identical with those which are mechanically generated for exploring the interior of the human body except that they are  trifle longer.
 7.  The ultraviolet or chemical rays of sunlight and the various mechanical productions.
 8.  The white light--the whole visible light of the suns.
 9.  Infrared rays--the slowing down of electronic activity still nearer the stage of appreciable heat.
10.  Hertzian waves--those energies utilized on Urantia for broadcasting.
(I need help with this.)
UB42:6.2 - "Local or lineal gravity becomes fully operative with the appearance of the atomic organization of matter. Preatomic matter becomes slightly gravity responsive when activated by X ray and other similar energies, but no measurable linear-gravity pull is exerted on free, unattached and uncharged electronic-energy particles or on unassociated ultimatons."
(Could this mean that free electron or proton/neutron patterns remain uncharged prior to atomic association?)
LWE297 - "No matter how completely you have studied and observed the external factors of a situation, until you have located the internally motivating forces, and their relation to the external, you do not know the complete truth. By corollary, no mater how well you understand the internal; you do not have the complete truth until you also understand its impact on the external. The universe is implicitly and explicitly of one piece. At the point of perfect stasis between the implicit and the explicit, there is a condition of hyper synchronicity, where matter, energy space and time move into a 'no-resistance' mode of infinite potential. This is not the collapsing of matter. This is the synchronizing of it to a 'zero point' of perfect equilibrium. Understand that 'zero point' is not about 'nothingness'. It's a designation of infinity. Having this knowledge will do for physical science what the zero did for mathematics--expanding its potential beyond all boundaries. Hyper synchronicity is the ultimate source of patterns, rhythms, ratios and harmonies that you regard as ideal. Knowledge of this will give new value and meaning to the concept of ideals, but at that point you will also understand that ideals are implicit to the universe, not applied upon it as an external prototype generated by the mind."
(All stable quanton patterns reduce to a "zero point" connection with the infinite Quanta Field.   I think that hyper synchronicity applies to implicitly ideal patterns which do not rely on movement of the "zero point" for stability, the "no-resistance" mode.)
LWE307 - "These vortexes (black holes) are not instruments of death. Most of them are instruments of birth, which will eventually gain enough mass to transmute into new suns or other configurations of cosmic matter. Actually, what science is now generally referring to as black holes are three different phenomena. As infinity and 'true static' are better understood, these forms will stand out more clearly."
LWE308 - "First, there are ruptures in the energy grid, which expose the phenomenal power of true stasis and its ability to generate magnetic attraction. These are the birthing fields and may become future suns. Second, there are gigantic mature vortexes which grew so rapidly as to transmute into colossal energy fountains without ever becoming solid. These are the mighty quasars, which exert an influence upon everything around them across distances as great as a galaxy. Third, there are collapsed energy fields where an aging star lost its ability to keep the matter, energy, time and space in a system of balanced motion around it. This is not the same as thermonuclear collapse of a young giant that goes super nova. Because in this case the magnetic field continues to generate a powerful influence upon nearby energy and matter--but without a balancing system which its own planets once provided. This is not collapsed matter. It is a collapsed system approaching infinite density.
(Black holes would seem to be one of the best clues to the existence of the attractive magnetic energy of the Quanta Field.)
LWE308 - "Antimatter and matter were both created simultaneously out of pure energy. The crucial aspect of their relationship is that antimatter represents the non-compressible aspect of energy. In high compression fields, matter accumulates into densities and antimatter falls away. It is necessary for them to separate in order that matter can persist through accumulations of mass. Only when the two meet again can all energy be released from the mass. When the two valences of energy make contact, all compressions of matter are released into pure energy."
(The two valences of spherical rotation exchange places in relation to the vibration rate of the Quanta Field. Compression and the resulting disappearance of antimatter occurs when the valences are overlapped during the growth of the quanton pattern as underlying quantum spheres from the Quanta Field are "captured" in the pattern.)

Working Section

Patterns of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

 This section picks up from where the section on the Interaction of the Quanton and the Quanta Field left off. It is meant to provide a taking off point for development of the photonic quanton patterns that make up the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).  We are told in The Urantia Book that the EMS is made up of 100 chords.  I have assumed that each chord is the same size and that the pattern is that of the sacred geometry Seed of Life which contains eight quantum (six Quantons).
Quanton pattern growth creates the Golden Ratio
In the Quanton Physics section you saw how growth of the quanton patterns creates the golden ratio.
Note how the black segment of the hypotenuse traces the circumference of each previous pattern as the pattern spins and grows. It can be seen that the mechanics of Quanton Physics solves the mystery of the Golden Ratio (1.618∞).
The golden ratio can also be calculated by adding 1 to √5 and dividing by 2.
I wanted to see how this might relate to the Quanton and sacred geometry.
The hypotenuse of the 1×2 rectangle used to construct the golden mean is equal to √5 as shown by the green/solid black hypotenuse of the 1×2 dotted line rectangle in the lower circle (left). I extended the hypotenuse by 1 (dark black dotted line) locating the center of a second circle (black) at less than 60° (52½°?). The golden ratio (green line) is one half of the hypotenuse when extended by 1. The upper circle of the quanton pattern (dotted blue) touching at 60° would have to be moved slightly upward to match this new center. Extension of the chord lines of the lower circle would then line up tangentially with the relocated upper circle. That breaks up the connecting chords of the dotted blue circle which seem more correct for a "material" quanton pattern. This could be related to the creation of our third dimension by the passage of time. This might explain four offsets of 7½° (30°) which may occur as patterns of the EMS spin and grow ending in the "material" quanton patterns which can appear to include 90° angles.
Go here to see how the golden ratio expresses the interrelationship between gravity and charge. As the gravitational field falls off by the square, the charge field falls off by the quad. This relates to the solution of the unified field problem as proposed by Miles Mathis where it was postulated that what we see as gravity is actually the net effect of two opposing forces.
Some thoughts regarding growth of the EMS patterns 
The following images are based on the theory that the patterns of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) travel in a right hand screwing motion of first one plane and then a second, third and fourth plane as the patterns grow. The pattern is rotated by 30° as each plane is added for a total of 120°. When the largest pattern of the EMS is exceeded, the structure of the pattern condenses and the linear motion is converted into internal vibration over the four planes. The time required to extend the apparent vibration rate over multiple planes establishes the third dimension that we see in the non-photonic quanton patterns of our "material" world. The 120° rotation may allow creation of the 90° angles that we "see" in some of the larger quanton patterns.
The foundation level of four chords

Each of the four circles (spheres), in the image on the left and those below, represents one of the 100 chords in the EMS. Each chord is assumed to be one Seed of Life sacred geometry pattern exposing eight quantum spheres in the Quanta Field (six Quantons). I call this the trolley part of the EMS patterns. Its interaction with the Quanta Field results in movement of the entire pattern through the Quanta Field (space) at the speed of light. Direction of travel is along a line connecting the centers of the two separated circles.
     This is the first growth level of 4+[4+(1×8)] = 16
     This is the second growth level of 4+12+[4+(2×8)] = 36

This is the third growth level
    4+12+20+[4+(3×8)] = 64
This is the forth growth level
4+12+20+28+[4+(4x8)] = 100

The Geometry of Light


The image on the left is recreated from The Ancient Secret of the  Flower  of Life Volume 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is Fig. 12-21 on page 327. I highly recommend both volumes for insight regarding sacred geometry and the specific geometry of light. I have added the vesica piscis formed by the two blue circles to show that each of the rhombic shapes is associated with a vesica piscis of its own. The rhombic shape is actually two tetrahedrons with one common face (see the largest vertical shape). The next smallest rhombic shape (2 horizontal tetrahedrons) fills the open space in the top view of the larger vertical shape and creates the next smallest vertical set of 2 tetrahedrons.
The length and width of each rhombic shape is related by √3. The diagonal across the base of a 1x1x1 cube is √2 and the vertical diagonal through the 1x1x1 cube is √3. I have added the four dotted arrows to show the four male √3 spirals that together create the growth pattern of the rhombic shapes. To see the spirals trace backward from each arrow making 90° turns moving to the next smaller shape at each turn.
It is interesting to note the similarities between my four growth patterns and the geometry of light as presented by Drunvalo. I believe that my patterns can be modified to bring them into alignment with his concept. The Urantia Book tells us that the visible light of the sun is found in the 46th chord of the 100 chords in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). This would make it one of the largest patterns as I believe that the EMS patterns build to a maximum width at the mid point, increasing and decreasing alternately in the manner of a slinky toy, coiling and uncoiling, as they travel at "c".
When a single Quanton is added to the largest EMS pattern, condensation (compression) occurs and spherical rotation replaces the slinky toy action converting the previous linear motion into internal vibration within the electron pattern. An alternative possibility is that the next pattern up from the EMS is actually a Hydrogen atom pattern in which the proton, neutron and electron appear simultaneously. In this scenario, the electron orbit is actually keeping the Hydrogen atom in balance as the spherical rotation of the pattern causes the proton and neutron to continuously alternate identity.
This is as far as I have been able to go without help. You are invited to join in the effort to take it to the next level.