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93 - "They (adamantine particles) are the fundamental building blocks of physical existence--particularized energy potentials which activate, unify and give form to infinity. As points, they are irreducible, indivisible and generic; and their very existence  establishes  dimension. Between one point and another,  there is dimension. Between a series of points, there is a pattern of dimension. Thus there is space. The dynamic of energy exists  through rhythmic activation and repetition of these patterns. Matter is formulated as these patterns and rhythms become more complex and specialized."

94 - "The physical universe as you know it comprises less than one percent of all that is. The law of conservation is directed to explaining that one percent, nothing more. Most scientific theories and general assumptions interpret energy as force, combustion, and pressure waves. The concept goes something like this: force results in pressure waves, pressure waves create density, density results in matter, and everything left over is infinity. Therein lies the real contradiction! A leftover cannot be defined and provides no basis for understanding. As long as infinity is regarded as an indefinable leftover, how can its properties be described? How can it be penetrated or activated?"

95 - "Magnetic attraction explains the greater unity of existence, and it is actually magnetic cohesion that integrates inter dimensional fields, which in turn support and connect all physical reality. Infinity is not the left over. Infinity is the unifying factor which integrates everything. When man's basis of thinking changes from force to attraction, every aspect of technology will change as well."

95 - "He (Jesus) explained that much of the difficulty we are having with fuel and crude energy is because mankind has interpreted energy as force. We are using force to generate resistance and that resistance results in electrical energy. Once we enter the age of magnetics, we will have what he called 'harmonic, non-toxic energy'. We will have the true energy of the universe that can empower everything from our generators to our minds. Only then will we be able to operate in a practical sense with infinity."

96 - "You may consider formative magnetism to be an attractor field in which synchronous and holographic integrations are made without electrical polarity or resistance. On the other hand, derivative magnetism is complementary to electrical energy, as it holds in place the basic formations of existence. For many reasons, it could be said that magnetism is the alpha and the omega of physical existence."  

97 - "physical existence is comprised of adamantine particles and space--mostly vast amounts of space. These particles cohere magnetically to form the basis of all complex patterns of matter and form. Conglomerations build structure, which are then held together by energetic tension, which creates the illusion of solidity. All solidity is structure, and structure accounts for all solidity. If we would penetrate the barriers that stand between us and the infinite supply of energy we must realize the illusion and look beyond structure."

107 - "man's ability to understand them (adamantine particles) is dependent upon graduating to a holistic understanding of the universe."

110 - "Some people can perceive adamantine radiance with the naked eye. It's an ancient perception which most people have allowed to go dormant. That is what people mean when they see auras, or glowing radiance around things."

292 - "Truth does not precede reality, formulate it, nor replace God as Source. --- Misconceptions of truth or misapplications of it have done more to undermine the progress of science than all the other reasons put together."

293 - "Intellectual idealism postulates truth to be primal and perfect, reality to be derivative and imperfect. From a scientific viewpoint, such an approach to the universe has two fatal flaws. First, it will nullify objectivity by preconceptions of the universe. Second, the expected imperfections in reality become an excuse for careless observations, dishonest reports, and self-serving justifications. This especially becomes apparent when discrepancies can be disregarded as predictable margins of error concerning some 'fixed idea' which is being upheld."

297 - "No matter how completely you have studied and observed the external factors of a situation, until you have located the internally motivating forces, and their relation to the external, you do not know the complete truth. By corollary, no matter how well you understand the internal; you do not have the complete truth until you also understand its impact upon the external. The universe is implicitly and explicitly of one piece. At the point of perfect stasis between the implicit and the explicit, there is a condition of hyper synchronicity, where matter, energy, space and time move into a 'no-resistance' mode of infinite potential. This is not the collapsing of matter. This is the synchronizing of it to a 'zero point' of perfect equilibrium. (Stasis, he explained, is the perfect repose of hypersynchronicity.) Understand that 'zero point' is not about 'nothingness'. It’s a designation of infinity. Having this knowledge will do for physical science what the zero did for mathematics—expanding its potential beyond all boundaries. Hyper synchronicity is the ultimate source of patterns, rhythms, ratios and harmonies that you regard as ideal. Knowledge of this will give new value and meaning to the concept of ideals, but at that point you will also understand that ideals are implicit to the universe, not applied upon it as an external prototype generated by the mind."

299 - In regard to the question "Is singularity a valid concept?" - "Not in the realm of particles. Due to the one spirit, and the highly integrated, synchronous nature of all existence, there is an aspect of singularity. It is a meaningful term only in reference to unity, however, and not to discrete particles or points. Singularity is a function of hyper synchronicity,  which can compress any or every part of existence to a singular state of infinite potential. As an aspect of separation, absolute singularity does not exist. Separation is not sustainable by the laws of physical existence."

300 - "If you would think upon the function of love scientifically, think of it as a reversal transference--a point of function where two complementary forces, in the presence of a third stabilizing factor, exchange modes and one becomes the other. This is primary magnetism and compression. It is an ongoing function among all primary particles and energies. In organic life, DNA is constructed to conduct this complex and mysterious function.  ----- Differences of potential are established and activation of them begins. Simultaneously, there is a holding and a releasing action which isolates the presence of a constant center, existing neutrally toward the activating variables. This field can be seen to functionally operate as the 'zero point' for compressing and expanding energy. The outer perimeter of a whole can never be determined for there is no point at which one element does not connect with yet another. A whole is designated by its character and quality—not by its boundaries! Its center, however, can be marked by '0'. The forces expanding from that point exponentially multiply the energy released. Simultaneously, through the aspect of energetic tension, energy is transferred from one extreme of expansion to another. By these reversals, torque is generated, and that sets in motion a magnetic spin, or vortex."

301 - "I was particularly intrigued by his explanation that the entire universe was built on compression and that is the law of energy. Simply stated, compression generates energy, expansion releases it."

302 - "Magnetism is electrically generated within the conservational field. Moreover, for any specified amount of magnetic attraction, an equal motion of charged particles is required. Therefore, within this construction, there is no direct access to magnetic potential as a source of energy. The answers to primary magnetism will not be found within this limited structure. Electromagnetism occurs within the conservational field, but there is a higher function of magnetism that supersedes those polarized arrangements, and is pure energy. In the larger spectrum of attractor fields, magnetism is activated by alignments of infinity."

302 - "Like the laws of conservation, the laws of thermodynamics are relevant to fields of density capable of generating and responding to thermal energy. In regard to those fields of density, these laws are accurate for all practical purposes. However, there is a fatal disability of thermodynamics to logically integrate the whole of existence. It defines energy as a function of matter existing within a macroscopic system, isolated against a backdrop of the infinite imperturbable  'unknown'. Its primary regard for infinity--if it has any at all--is as a 'catch-all' for leftover existence which cannot otherwise be explained. This is usually what is referred to as 'dark matter'. ---- Defining the universe as a macroscopic system of matter and energy isolated against an impenetrable field of raw unknown, or dark matter, creates the same kind of 'sandbag' against infinity. Furthermore, it eliminates synchronicity and hyper synchronicity as scientific principles, and limits the subject of compression to the 'crash and bang' formulas of thermodynamics."

303 - "The mathematics needed to designate infinite and primal energy is angular and proportional in nature, for only proportions and ratios can penetrate the nature of infinity and transpose quality into probable quantities. Angular proportions will resolve to '0', allowing for the isolation of a common source point (or sub-stratum),  which provides indeterminate potential."

303 - "You must understand that the functional power of this sub-stratum can never be defined by structure or absolute quantities, because it precedes  the realm of structure. Nevertheless, its potential can be understood and accessed. Its stasis provides a basis for fluctuating potentials and for the compression or propulsion of potentialities. Such potentials activate vortexes that may be located, predicted, and affected by angles and proportions. These are not, however, macroscopic systems floating in isolation within a larger indefinable field. This substratum is simplistic, and essentially the web of all other connections. As particles and other elements coordinate with this substratum, there is an increasing simplification in the direction of zero, and an increasing complexity with distance from zero."

303 - "There are no singularities in the dimension of matter. The interesting thing about the sub-stratum is that,  being indefinable, it can serve the singularity function as a unifying force without having to be a discrete singularity in the particle sense. The most marvelous thing about the indefinable is its ability to adapt to circumstantial needs while being unconditioned by them. A good beginning may be to realize almost everything is space..."

304 - The following was said in response to the question "What is the most pivotal viewpoint which needs changing in the disciplines of physical science?"  "That energy=mass. Actually, energy is potential. The perfection of Einstein's equation lies in the fact that it is written E=mc², not E=M (conditioned by the constant of light squared). You may think this difference is too subtle to matter. Yet, I promise you it is equal to the difference between geocentric and heliocentric explanations of your solar system! In his formula, Einstein isolated the bottom line factors of energy in the conservational field. Mass provides the quantity, light provides the constant and the square designates the quality. In a conservational field, replication and containment is 'the quality'. E=mc² is universally relevant because it gives equal weight to all three factors. You see, energy is a potential which is inter-dimensional and inter-positional. Many extrapolations derived from Einstein's theory tend to reinforce the limited assumption that energy is equivalent to mass and mass exerts gravitational force. The primary drive behind such thinking is to develop the broadest, most workable, definitions of the universe that can yield the maximum proprietary control within the conservational field. ---- Once it is understood that energy is a potential comprised of a quantity, a constant and a quality, then theories will be developed which can be applied to many situations within and beyond the conservational field. With that understanding, conditions of infinity will be comprehensible."

305 - In response to the question "Is infinity explainable in terms of matter, energy, time, and space?" "Not definable, but explainable, ---- consider this. Two particles are traveling at the speed of light in opposite directions. If you regard their embarkation position as a fixed 'geocentric' mass, the particles will prove to be traveling at the speed of light, which is the constant of motion in relation to mass. However, you might perceive an alternate connection between the departing two particles, which is a point of equilibrium ascribed not by their point of origin, but rather by their collective impulse to perform. This can be designated as a '0' point, from which they can then be observed as expanding at twice the speed of light. These two original particles can then 'bump' and activate more particles into a many-fold multiplication of this process. This is done through the agency of qualitative transmission and replication, interdependently with any quantitative factors or constants. The key is the "0" point, from which angles of infinity can be extended."

305 - In response to a question about the applicability of chaos theory - "Yes, that theory represents progress in regard to recognition of simultaneity and qualitative replication, because infinity is the simultaneous transmission of potential through similarities of quality. Nevertheless, the search for a single numerical constant for every instance of chaos will not prove fruitful."

305 - "Angularity expresses the quality of infinity, for, by implication, do not angles extend infinitely? Infinite quantity progresses proportionately, in the way that progressions of 'half-life' approach but never reach '0'. ----  A constant is a factor, dimension, potential or point which is unchanging within a particular context. Every constant is an index of equilibrium--the point from which all variations and accelerations in that context depart and by which they may be measured. Take, for example, the speed of light. The brilliance of Einstein's observation about the constant of light is that he was the first to demonstrate equilibrium in motion as a constant of energy. Actually the whole galaxy is equilibrium in motion. Locate the anchoring point or points of equilibrium and you've located the constant. Simple as that realization may seem, many discoveries dependent on it are currently being inhibited or overlooked by the mistaken association of equilibrium with inert, motionless, 'dead-points' where action, life and function are relatively suspended. This comes from observing equilibrium in structure--like the fulcrum of a seesaw, the hub of a wheel, or the inertia of a resting object."

306 - "True equilibrium is vital, reciprocal, and synchronistic. It generates the utmost in potential even though its constancy represents a 'still-point' for surrounding variables. ----  It is the function of a constant to stabilize variables; therefore it would be a mistake to view it as a frozen absolute. Occasionally the function of a constant is so obvious that it may be indicated, measured, and assigned a numerical value, as in the case with light (deductive reasoning). Normally, however, the constant must be isolated through reciprocal factors within a field of variables (inductive reasoning)."

306 - "What is important is that you equate energy with potential, and know that potential is comprised of a quantity, a constant, and a quality. Regardless of what value is assigned to the constant, it draws its stability and equilibrium from the '0' point of hypersynchronicity which is present in all phenomena. 'Why is this so hard to see?' Because  hyper synchronicity cloaks itself. That which is written in the language of unity, defies external observation. Like the truth, you must be in it to see it."

307 -"These vortexes (black holes) are not instruments of death. Most of them are instruments of birth, which will eventually gain enough mass to transmute into new suns or other configurations of cosmic matter. Actually, what science is now generally referring to as black holes are three different phenomena. As infinity and 'true static' are better understood, these different forms will stand out more clearly."

308 - "First, there are ruptures in the energy grid, which expose the phenomenal power of true stasis and its ability to generate magnetic attraction. These are the birthing fields and may become future suns.

"Second, there are the gigantic mature vortexes which grew so rapidly as to transmute into colossal energy fountains without ever becoming completely solid. These are the mighty quasars, which exert an influence upon everything around them across distances as great as a galaxy.

"Third, there are collapsed energy fields where an aging star lost its ability to keep the matter, energy, time and space in a system of balanced motion around it. This is not the same as thermonuclear collapse of a young giant that goes super nova. Because in this case the magnetic field continues to generate a powerful influence upon nearby energy and matter--but without a balancing system which its own planets once provided. This is not collapsed matter. It is a collapsed system approaching infinite density."              

308 - "Antimatter and matter were both created simultaneously out of pure energy. The crucial aspect of their relationship is that antimatter represents the non-compressible aspect of energy. In high compression fields, matter accumulates into densities and antimatter falls away. It is necessary for them to separate in order that matter can persist through accumulations of mass. Only when the two meet again can all energy be released from the mass. When the two valences of energy make contact, all compressions of matter are released into pure energy."

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