Quanton Physics incorporates concepts from several different schools of thought. The followers of those schools may now find that they have common ground. The purpose of this site is to propose the two postulates of Quanton Physics as a means to further the understanding of the many mysteries of quantum physics. Spiritual believers have a reason to support the development and acceptance of Quanton Physics. The constant and instantaneous interaction between the unique quanton pattern that is each of us and the vibrating light energy of the Quanta Field which we share in common can be used to provide a physical explanation that supports the spiritual belief in the brotherhood of man and oneness with God.
The Urantia Book - see description 
I hope to bring The Urantia Book to the favorable attention of the world as the primary source for the postulates of Quanton Physics.The Urantia Book was published in 1955. I first read The Urantia Book in the 1960's but I did not return to it until the 1980's when the spiritual interests of my daughter prompted me to take an interest in spiritual insights and experiences as related by Paramahansa Yogananda in his  Autobiography of a Yogi. I have come to appreciate the deep spiritual insights and realities which exist throughout the world outside the confines of organized religion. I consider The Urantia Book to be first and foremost as a source of spiritual guidance and truth. Go here for an excellent introduction to this exceptional work. Go here for a special welcome for The Urantia Book Readers.
Love Without End by Glenda Green - see description
 More recently I was introduced to the book Love Without End (LWE) by artist Glenda Green. Love Without End was first published in 1999 and covers an event which occurred in the early 1990's. LWE shares the experience of an extended conversation with Joshua. When I started reading LWE I expected to find the usual material of many other books which claim to have had conversations with Jesus or God, but that soon changed. Here was unmistakably the same Jesus that I had come to know and love in Part IV of The Urantia Book. An even more compelling reason for seeing truth in LWE was the extensive section on quantum physics.The ultimaton of The Urantia Book is called the adamantine particle in LWE ,but they are absolutely the same pattern which I have called the Quanton in Quanton Physics. I do not believe that these similarities should be viewed as signs of plagiarism for two reasons. One, I have personally talked with the author and Two, the quantum information goes well beyond what I found in The Urantia Book. The quantum information in LWE has made an important contribution to the development of of Quanton Physics. Go here for a special welcome for Love Without End Readers.
Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda - See description
 I have included Autobiography of a Yogi as one of the pillars of Quanton Physics because it was influential in convincing me that spiritual reality can be accessed. It caused me to reread and recognize the truth revealed in The Urantia Book. When I read Autobiography of a Yogi it reminded me of my favorite quotation (source unknown)  "We forget that we are really spiritual beings here to have human experiences, and come to believe that we are only human beings trying to have spiritual experiences". It is hard to read Autobiography of a Yogi and not believe that spiritual energy is the true reality. The many events and personal experiences related in Autobiography of a Yogi become explainable using the postulates of Quanton Physics. Go here for a special welcome for Autobiography of a Yogi Readers.
A Course In Miraclessee description 
Another book which has contributed to the development of Quanton Physics is A Course in Miracles published in 1975. When I first read this book in the 1980's I could not accept one particular teaching that seemed to say that what I saw was not "real". How could that be? Years later I came to realize that that question was the key to the truth of the postulates of Quanton Physics. The quanton patterns and the Quanta Field of vibrating light energy do exist. They each have a past/ present/future, but the same pattern and the same energy never exist together for more than one instant. In that sense you could say that what we see does not exist because we are seeing specific images which do not have a past or future. A new image is being recreated at every instant. This continuous, instantaneous interaction between the quanton pattern and the Quanta Field is what harmonizes Quanton Physics with the spiritual beliefs in the brotherhood of man and oneness with God. Go here for a special welcome for A Course In Miracles Readers.
Wave Structure of Matter - Dr. Milo Wolff - see "On Truth and Reality" website
 The basic Quanton pattern piece is a pattern of spherical rotation which allows rotation within the Quanta Field. I first learned about spherical rotation when I googled "electron spin" and was taken to Dr. Milo Wolff's website on the Wave Structure of Matter. Dr. Wolff is retired and no longer active but his concept of the wave structure of matter has been carried forward by Geoff Haselhurst at his "On Truth & Reality" website above. Followers of the wave structure of matter will find much in common with Quanton Physics which can explain the appearance of the quantum electromagnetic, spherically rotating wave action that they postulate. Go here for a special welcome for Wave Structure of Matter Followers.
Sacred Geometry - see description
I was describing my evolving concept of the basic Quanton pattern piece to a spiritually oriented friend when he told me that I was describing sacred geometry. I had never heard of sacred geometry but have since learned that the patterns of sacred geometry are ancient and have appeared throughout the world. To learn more about sacred geometry and how it was integrated into Egyptian life I would recommend reading The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Note how the "Seed of Life" pattern (in red) is repeated in overlapping fashion to create the pattern of the "Flower of Life". Now picture a spherical shape filled with "Seeds of Life" and light energy vibrating in every direction along 60 degree axes lines. The fact that the patterns of sacred geometry are created by using the postulates of Quanton Physics has encouraged me to believe that we are on the right track. I hope that followers of sacred geometry will become major collaborators in the further development of Quanton Physics. Go here for a special welcome for Sacred Geometry Followers.
Miles Mathis Papers - see website
 The numerous papers of Miles Mathis show amazing insight and make a lot of sense to me. For the first paper I read see his Paper #2 on "Angular Velocity and Angular Momentum". It is well worth the time to study it carefully as it is a real "eye opener" that made sense to me. Miles has postulated a charge field of near-infrared photons to solve many of the problems of quantum physics. I agree with the concept, but have trouble accepting the random "pool ball" mechanics used to support it. "Pool ball" mechanics may be required when using electromagnetic energy as the foundational source of energy. However, the Quanton  Physics postulates should make it possible to describe specific, non-random mechanics for the movement and changes of energy required to support the charge field concept. Quanton physics will draw heavily from Mile's papers. Hopefully some of his followers will be joining me in this effort. Go here for a special welcome for Miles Mathis papers readers.