The  Quantum  and  the  Quanta  Field
#1 An unrecognized plenum of stationary but vibrating, non-polarized (pure attractive only)
magnetic  energy has "always" existed.  (We call it space)
The plenum is filled with minute spheres of vibrating, magnetic energy called the Quantum (above) Quanta plural.
The quantum sphere contains one indivisible quantum unit of vibrating magnetic energy.
The quantum is the "1" of time and dimension in Quanton Physics. There is no "zero".
The indivisible quantum (1) becomes the "zero-point" of connection to infinite energy.
We may find that each quantum is represented by the "1" in the Planck length of 1.616199(97)x10^-35 meters.
Quantum Physics defines a space plenum as "the whole of space filled with matter".
Quanton Physics would refine this to say "the whole of space filled with the energy source of matter".
The plenum of Quantum spheres of pure vibrating magnetic energy is called the Quanta Field (see above).
Each quantum sphere has a fixed location in "space". It is postulated that the quantum spheres of the Quanta Field are packed hexagonally filling all of space. They "connect" at twelve points, forming six axes that are at 60° in three dimensions. The non-polarized vibrating magnetic energy which fills each quantum sphere in the Quanta Field is free to vibrate in all directions. The "apparent" length of what we see as vibrating electromagnetic energy can be extended along any of the six axes by the linking together of multiple basic Quanton pattern pieces (see Postulate Two). When the local energy of the Quanta Field is exposed either by vibration within a quanton pattern or by movement of a pattern through the plenum, we see the locally vibrating magnetic energy as a wave and call it electromagnetic energy. The (pure) non-polarized magnetic energy of the Quanta Field does not have the combination of attraction and repulsion that is found in electromagnetism. The pure magnetism of the Quanta Field is attractive only.
Each of us is connected to the Quanta Field by the "zero-point" of our individual quanton pattern.
We all share and interact with the magnetic energy of the Quanta Field. 
We now have a physical explanation to support the spiritual belief in the brotherhood of man and oneness with God.
 Quanton Physics holds the promise of access to this unlimited supply of "free" Quanta Field magnetic energy. 


 The basic Quanton pattern piece
 #2 The ability to create our "material" world of TIME and SPACE began when a fixed number of basic Quanton pattern pieces appeared throughout the universe exposing less than 5% of the existing magnetic energy of Postulate One(Replaces the "Big Bang" theory)
This basic Quanton pattern piece is the Ultimaton in The Urantia Book 
and the Adamantine Particle in Love Without End.
In Quanton Physics it is called the Quanton.
It is critically important to understand that:
The Quantum Spheres  of the Quanta Field  remain unseen in the absence of the Quanton.
Wikipedia defines the word quanton as "Any quantum entity that shows the properties of both a particle and wave."
The Quanton slows the apparent vibration rate of the local Quanta Field energy allowing us to "see" it.
The Quanton uses spherical rotation to alternate the exposure of two adjacent quantum spheres.
This creates a mirror image which appears to extend and therefore appears to slow the vibration rate.
This "apparently" slower vibration rate can then be "seen" as it is out of sync with the energy in the plenum.
The Quanton pattern includes a third quantum sphere to connect and interact with the Quanta Field.
The Quanton is the pattern of the least energetic photon and appears as the background energy of "empty" space.
But what would the basic Quanton pattern piece look like?
The property of spherical rotation as proposed by Dr. Milo Wolff for his Wave Structure of Matter would allow the pattern to rotate within the Quanta Field without tearing it up, so I started by using two quantum spheres as the loops in a figure eight (spherical rotation) shape overlapping a third quantum. That is what you see in the first three vertical spheres shown below. In the next instant of time the vertical three sphere pattern moves down and to the right as shown by the arrows.
The pattern alternates the exposure of one of the two spheres (as shown in green).
The upper sphere becomes the one that is seen in the second instant of time.

As time passes, the Quanton continues to move through the plenum (see below) and the local vibrating light energy is exposed (see green spheres). The movement of the Quanton and the continuous changing of the local energy 
that is being exposed creates the apparent sine wave that we "see". 
The Quanton can be used to form larger patterns by sharing one of its two alternating spheres with one of the two alternating spheres of a second Quanton while sharing their third quantum sphere in common. I was discussing this evolving concept with a spiritually oriented friend when he told me that I was describing Sacred Geometry.
I didn't know what Sacred Geometry was, but I do now.
Sacred geometry patterns are ancient and appear throughout the world as the revealed patterns of creation. Quanton Physics creates the patterns of sacred geometry. For an introduction to Sacred Geometry go here.