Quanton Physics postulates a space plenum of pure (attractive only) magnetic energy called the Quanta Field.
Quantum Physics defines a space plenum as "the whole of space filled with matter".
Quanton Physics would refine this to say "the whole of space filled with the energy source of matter".
 Recognition of the Quanta Field will bring on the Dawn of the Magnetic Age
It is accepted that what we "see" as light and particles of matter is actually the energy of, what appears to be, quantum electromagnetic waves in space. The double slit experiment rocked the quantum community when it showed that light exhibits the properties of both a particle and a wave at the same time.
How could this be? That question is known as the unresolved dilemma of wave/particle duality.
Quanton Physics provides an answer to that key question.
 Quanton Physics postulates that electromagnetic light energy is not foundational.
 It is actually a combination of two things.
1. The Quanta Field, a space plenum of stationary, but vibrating, non-polarized (attractive only) magnetic energy.
      (Visualize space as filled with spherically shaped regions, each with one quantum of vibrating magnetic energy.)
2. A basic Quanton pattern that moves through the Quanta Field exposing the underlying magnetic energy.
(A large but fixed number of basic Quanton pattern pieces was spread throughout space, seen as the "Big Bang")
The basic Quanton pattern piece is the pattern of the smallest photon.

Multiple Quantons (from the large but fixed number of basic Quanton pattern pieces) combine over time and throughout space to form the photonic and "material" particles that we see as our conservational field of electromagnetic energy.

I have called the basic pattern piece the Quanton because Wikipedia defines the word Quanton as:
"Any quantum entity that shows the properties of both a particle and wave."
How do these two postulates resolve the dilemma of wave/particle duality?
As to the photon, an accepted definition goes something like this: "a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass." Quanton Physics only asks that you consider that the photon patterns might simply expose energy rather than carry it and that photon patterns can vary in size and can expose more than one quantum of energy. If space is a plenum of minute quantum spheres, each containing one quantum of stationary but vibrating non-polarized magnetic energy, then the quanton patterns actually do not need to carry any energy, they can simply expose the energy as the pattern moves through the Quanta Field.
Photonic patterns of multiple Quantons allow the creation of "apparent" vibration rates which are slower than, and "out of sync" with, the fixed vibration rate of the Quanta Field. The "out of sync" relationship results in moving photonic quanton patterns through the plenum in what I have assumed to be a right hand screwing motion at the speed of light. As the quanton photonic pattern travels through the Quanta Field it creates the "appearance" of a sine wave of moving electromagnetic energy but there is no actual movement of energy. We "see" these moving quanton patterns as the photonic electromagnetic "light" energy of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).
The larger, non-photonic, quanton "particle" patterns, like the electron, create the appearance of vibrating waves (strings) of electromagnetic energy within the pattern. It is the framework of the pattern that exposes the local energy of the Quanta Field. The quanton pattern of exposed energy is what we see as a "particle". It is postulated that the interaction between the quanton patterns and the Quanta Field actually causes the movement through space that we attribute to the force of gravity.
The movement of these quanton patterns through the vibrating but spatially fixed energy of the Quanta Field (space) creates the appearance of waves but, again, there is no actual spatial movement of energy so there is no actual energy "wave". These quanton patterns are simply exposing different energy in every instant as they move. There is nothing more than a moving pattern but this is why quantum physicists see the electron and other moving patterns as energy waves as well as "particles".
Go here to see a preview clip for the movie The Connected Universe produced by the Resonance Project and an interview with physicist Nassim Harramein. His concept of our interaction with the energy of space comes closer than anything else to the Quanton Physics concept. The principal difference appears to be the continued assumption that electromagnetic energy is foundational and that the energy is carried by particles rather than exposed by moving patterns.
Quanton Physics offers solutions to numerous other unresolved questions.
The Background Radiation of Space and the Conservation of Energy
The large but fixed number of basic Quanton pattern pieces expose the local vibrating magnetic energy wherever they are found throughout the Quanta Field (space). One way that the existence of these basic Quanton pattern pieces shows up is as the source of the photonic background radiation of space. The number of Quantons in each cubic inch of "empty" space would typically be enough to create the pattern for one electron. The Quanta Field energy (background radiation of space) exposed by these Quantons prevents the temperature of space from reaching absolute zero.
Basic Quanton pattern pieces combine and recombine endlessly in the formation of the larger quanton patterns of our "material" world. However, the limited supply of basic Quanton pattern pieces remains unchanged as the Quanton can neither be created nor destroyed. This is how the conservation of energy law applies in Quanton Physics. When we learn how to use and reuse the Quanton in patterns that can directly access the pure (non-polarized) magnetic energy of the Quanta Field, Quanton Physics will have shown us the way into the Magnetic Age. We will then have access to the virtually unlimited supply of "free" magnetic energy of space. We may already be seeing examples of this in the exploration of Zero Point Energy.
Zero Point Energy
The current exploration of Zero point energy is an example of the fact that the energy of space is now being recognized by a number of physicists (go here for a Wikipedia description). The Wikipedia description is based on the assumption that electromagnetic energy is foundational and must be used to explain all observations. As you can see, using electromagnetic energy to describe what zero point energy is and how it could relate to the accepted theories of quantum mechanics becomes very complex. The Rodin coil accesses this space energy. Go here to see a demonstration of the coil as well and a description of the vortex mathematics of Sacred Geometry upon which it is based. Vortex mathematics and Sacred Geometry are an integral part of Quanton Physics. The Quanta Field of Quanton Physics can be used to provide a much simpler description of zero point energy than that found in Wikipedia. The zero point designation fits, as the zero point of equilibrium for each quanton pattern is the connecting point for that pattern with the Quanta Field. Each of us is connected to the Quanta Field by the "zero-point" of our individual quanton pattern.We all share and interact with the magnetic energy of the Quanta Field.
The Higgs Field and the Higgs Boson
To see the Wikipedia description of the Higgs Field go here. If you find that explanation hard to understand and/or accept, I agree with you. Go here to see a layman's description of the Higgs concept. This description can also be used to describe the Quanton Physics concept. The important thing to note about the presentation is that all space is filled with something (represented by the people/or quantum spheres) and that particles/or quanton patterns interact with this content of space as they move through it. That is exactly what is proposed in Quanton Physics. Note also that the property/mass/energy of the field exists as an "infinite" number of discrete entities represented by the people/or quantum spheres that fill the room. It is significant that these entities do not change location. The people are analogous to the stationary quantum spheres of the Quanta Field, each sphere containing just one quantum unit of vibrating non-polarized magnetic energy.
Still working with the analogy, Quanton Physics would have the photonic patterns moving quickly through the room not because they were ignored but because they disagreed with everyone they met (were out of sync with the vibrating energy of the Quanta Field) and were therefore pushed along in a zigzag fashion at the speed of light. Large photonic patterns would simultaneously interact disagreeably with multiple "people" getting a push from each one to also move the larger photonic pattern along at light speed.
In Quanton Physics the photonic patterns eventually reach a size of critical "mass" (the electron) which is assumed to exist just beyond the upper limit of the electromagnetic spectrum. In a quanton pattern of this size and larger the changing dynamics of the interactions of the people/quantum spheres enclosed in the pattern results in the ability to get along without rejection. The pattern can stay in one place or orbit. This is the result of compression, the conversion of linear movement through the room to vibrational movement within the group of people/adjacent quantum spheres in the pattern. This is the key to the appearance of mass. The analogy would be that the "people" in the pattern come to recognize the merits of both sides of the various issues and agree to switch positions back and forth in order to get along. The quanton pattern for the electron allows the photonic linear kinetic energy to be compressed into internal vibration within the electron pattern.
The electron pattern and the larger quanton patterns, which exhibit "mass", are formed as basic Quanton pattern pieces combine to alternate the exposure of increasing numbers of adjacent quantum spheres. This creates what "appear" to be strings of electromagnetic energy of varying vibration rates (or wave lengths) within the pattern. There is no need for a Higgs Boson to transfer mass. The appearance of mass is explained by compression, the conversion of linear movement to vibration within the pattern, and the resulting interaction between the quanton pattern and the Quanta Field.
The Unified Field and Gravity
The elusive Unified Field would appear to depend on our ability to understand gravity.
Quantum physics has yet to succeed in understanding gravity in a way that can reconcile both the macro (cosmic) and the micro (quantum) worlds. The search for the elusive unified field is the holy grail of physics. I believe that the macro and the micro can be reconciled by recognizing gravity not as a single force, but rather as the net result of two opposing forces. This is not my insight. I found it incorporated in work done by Miles Mathis. He claims to have solved the unified field problem by using the radius as the measure of a gravitational field which is in opposition to an electromagnetic charge field as measured by charge density. He does this by showing that the unified field has always existed in the equations for the gravitational field and the electromagnetic charge field but was hidden by a lack of understanding of and incorrect values for the heuristic "G" and "K" in those equations see "Unified Fields in Disguise" I see what appears to be the same insight involving gravity as the net effect of two opposing forces in the connected universe concept of Nassim Harramein where he uses radius and charge density as components of gravity. Both of these explanations for the unified field challenge the thinking of "main line" physicists and have so far failed to gain general acceptance, but I think that they are on the right track.
The postulates of Quanton Physics provide the basis for the two opposing forces that could be used to explain the gravitational force. First and foremost would be the force resulting from the vibrational orientation and attractive only nature of the non-polarized (pure) magnetic energy of the Quanta Field. It is postulated that it is this property that creates the spherical shapes of our material world. The second force would be the tangential linear kinetic energy imparted to quanton patterns as a result of the "out of sync" interaction between the fixed vibration rate of the Quanta Field and the slower vibration rate which is created by the basic Quanton pattern piece.
It is postulated that, when the vibrational orientation of all quantum spheres in a local area is aggregated, it reflects the net attractive magnetism (gravity) effects from throughout the space plenum (universe). Interaction between the Quanta Field and each material body orients the local vibration towards the center of that body as it passes through the plenum. This orientation then radiates out magnetically through adjacent quantum spheres of the plenum at the speed of light. Each sphere keeps that vibrational orientation until affected by the passage of another material quanton pattern (see image below).
The large center sphere represents a material body (let's say a planet) moving through the quantum spheres of the Quanta Field represented by the smaller spheres (magnified beyond belief). The planet is not totally dense. It represents a collection of quanton patterns which utilize only a small portion of the Quanta Field quantum spheres enclosed within the planet. The vibrational orientation of the quantum spheres that make up the various quanton patterns imparts a force directed toward the center of the planet. As each quanton pattern interacts with the local Quanta Field it is drawn toward the center by the local orientation of the vibrating magnetic energy. The interaction is also the cause of the spin of the planet and its associated quanton patterns. The magnetic alignment of the Quanta Field vibrations is represented by the dotted lines radiating outward. If a second object is traversing space at some distance, it will interact with this vibrational orientation and the net effect will be a pull towards the more massive object. The effect of this interaction falls off with the square of the distance as less radial lines are crossed.
Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
In Quanton Physics, interaction between the quanton patterns and the Quanta Field is postulated as the source of gravity. The quanton patterns expose just a small portion of this Quanta Field energy. The smallest quanton patterns (photons) move through the Quanta Field plenum at the speed of light. Patterns that are the size of the electron or larger involve spin and compression (creating vibrating light energy) within the pattern. This condensation (compression) sets up the magnetic lines of force which we see as gravity pulling inward toward the center. A black hole would exist as a pattern in which the ongoing condensation or "capture" of vibration is including all adjacent quantum spheres. This creates a very strong gravitational force and represents a massive build up of potential energy leading to an explosive cosmic event.
We would expect to find that the quanton pattern for the proton is actually a mini black hole as proposed by Nassim Harramein in his award winning peer reviewed paper and in The Connected Universe movie. He concludes that a single proton has the mass of the whole observable universe. Quanton Physics would only say that the proton pattern is one of 100% condensation or compression. Nassim's calculation of mass would be off by multiple powers of 10 because he is using the heuristic "G" of quantum physics which only works in equations dealing with the macro level. I found the work of Miles Mathis to be of interest in this regard go here for more about "G". Dark matter may be explainable as quanton patterns that allow the pass through or absorption of photons without reflecting them. Dark energy is just another clue to the fact that the pure magnetic energy of the Quanta Field is in the process of being discovered.
The Energy Equation - E = mc² becomes E = qc²
In Quanton Physics it is postulated that mass is not directly equivalent to energy. Energy is potential. Potential energy is created and appears as "mass" when photonic linear kinetic energy is compressed (captured) as vibrational energy within a non-photonic (large) quanton pattern. The energy equation in Quanton Physics is written as E=qc² where (q) replaces mass and is the number of Quanta Field quanta (spheres with one quantum of energy "c") exposed by the pattern. The energy equation for photonic quanton patterns would be written as E=qc representing the "c" of locally vibrating magnetic energy in each sphere of the Quanta Field as it is being exposed by movement of the pattern through the Quanta Field. The second "c" results from the "mass" that is created by compression, the conversion of the photonic linear kinetic energy into internal vibration within the non-photonic pattern. The universe was and is built on compression. That is the law of energy. Compression creates the portion of energy which we call "mass" by converting linear kinetic photonic energy into the potential energy of "captured" vibration within the pattern. Expansion releases the "mass" portion of the potential energy back into the linear kinetic energy of the photons of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Do particles really carry electromagnetic energy or are they just moving patterns that expose local magnetic energy?
(It would be hard to overstate the significance of this change in viewpoint.)
Planetary motion provides another reason to consider the possibility that
Quanton Physics may be on the right track.
The earth is spinning at approximately 1,000 miles per hour.
The earth is circling the sun at approximately 66,000 miles per hour.
Our solar system is circling our milky way galaxy at 483,000 miles per hour.
Our milky way galaxy is circling the galactic center of the universe at 1,300,000 miles per hour.
 Quantum physics describes our "material" world particles as packets (or patterns) of vibrating quantum electromagnetic energy and space, lots of space. Quantum physics goes to great length to define the forces required to create the relative movement that we observe between particles but seems to ignore the problem posed by the high rate of complex joint movement of all particles through the cosmos, except to attribute it to a gravitational force which is still not fully understood. Quantum physics does not tell us how waves of vibrating electromagnetic energy could possibly retain the required wave energy interrelationships existing within the pattern of a particle while moving through space at these high velocities. I am not aware of any effort to address this issue in quantum physics.
Planetary motion is not a problem for Quanton Physics as the plenum of vibrating magnetic energy is seamless. The quantum spheres of vibrating pure (non-polarized) magnetic energy are available everywhere. There is no spatial movement of energy in Quanton Physics. The moving quanton patterns only create the appearance of "waves" of electromagnetic energy as they expose the local energy in each instant as they pass through the plenum.
How the basic Quanton pattern piece creates our perceived "material" world.
Quanton Physics supports the fractal and holographic nature of the material world that we "see".
 The basic Quanton pattern piece looks like this (see above). It involves three quantum spheres from the Quanta Field.
It alternates the exposure of one of the two horizontal spheres as they go in and out of "sync" with the field.
The third sphere provides the common connection of the pattern to the Quanta Field.

The basic Quanton pattern piece looks like this (see above) from the side. In this view it is easy to recognize it as the basic fractal of sacred geometry. To learn about the sacred geometry revelation of the patterns of life go here. The quanton patterns and sacred geometry are covered in a separate section of the website.

Spherical Rotation
All quanton patterns are the patterns of Sacred Geometry and of spherical rotation. We know that everything in our material world revolves (spins). More specifically we should say that our material world is made up of quanton patterns using spherical rotation (spin) to expose the energy that we "see". The rotation or orbit of one quanton pattern around another is the result of the interaction between the spherically rotating quanton patterns and the Quanta Field (space). Quantum physics attributes this motion to the gravitational force but does not explain it.
A pattern of spherical rotation can spin continuously in a field without tearing up the fixed axes. After an initial twist (created within the quanton pattern) of 180° on any axis, continuous rotation of the quanton pattern around that axis will twist all axes for 360° in one direction and then untwist all axes for 360° in the other direction, returning them to the original position. This 720° pattern of spherical rotation creates the 720° of interior angle found in all five platonic solids. Another interesting aspect of spherical rotation is the alternation between the halves of the pattern that are "seen". The electron and positron may actually just be opposite halves of one spherically rotating electron pattern. This would provide an answer to the mystery of anti matter.
To learn more about spherical rotation please go to the following links. Go here to see a detailed analysis of the mechanics of spherical rotation. Go here to see a refinement which relates spherical rotation to the orbit of the electron around the proton. In this illustration, think of the innermost "fixed" sphere as the proton and the rotating mid-sphere as the orbiting electron. This will bring you to a final link which demonstrates the spherical rotation of the electron. After you click on that link you may have to click again on the lower left corner of the screen and wait a few seconds for the images to load.
Here is the answer to still another unresolved question of quantum physics
The Fibonacci Series and the Golden Ratio
The Fibonacci series is seen in the growth of our material world patterns. It first brackets, then rapidly converges on the golden ratio of 1.618--- which is embedded in sacred geometry. To learn more about the Fibonacci series and the golden ratio go here. One of the speakers is Nassim Harramein who was mentioned earlier. The golden ratio defines the relationship between the growth levels of our material world patterns. I think that we will find that the golden ratio is related to creation of the third dimension of our material world patterns. The passage of time and the creation of our third dimension allows the 60° angles of the Quanta Field to be used to create the 90° angles seen in some of the platonic solids.
Go here to see how the golden ratio expresses the interrelationship between gravity and charge. As the gravitational field falls off by the square, the charge field falls off by the quad. This relates to the solution of the unified field problem as proposed by Miles Mathis where it was postulated that what we see as gravity is actually the net effect of two opposing forces.
The mechanics of Quanton Physics can be used to explain how the golden ratio gets created.

The first image on the left is one method of constructing the golden ratio represented by the black segment in the hypotenuse. The second image overlays the two alternating spheres of the basic Quanton pattern piece and shows how the golden ratio actually originates with the rotation of the quanton pattern within the Quanta Field.

These two images show growth of the pattern to the second level (left) and then to the third level (right). Notice how in each case the golden ratio reappears and traces out the underlying sphere of the previous pattern.
The following relationships may be useful in the analysis of the mechanics of the golden ratio
     If the horizontal is 1"c" and the vertical is 1"c", then the hypotenuse is √(c²+c²) = √2c² = c√2.
     The diagonal across the base of a square with sides of "c" would also = c√2.
The internal diagonal bottom to top and front left to back right of a c³ cube would be √[(c√2)² + c²] = c√3
It is interesting to note that if the diagonal of the square base (c√2) were to form a right triangle with the diagonal of the cube (c√3) the diagonal of that triangle would be √[(c√2)² + (c√3)²] = √[2c² + 3c²] = c√5. This is also the same as the diagonal of two c³ cubes stacked to form a 1x2 rectangle. Is it just a coincidence that (√5 + 1) ÷ 2 = the golden ratio of 1.618---?
I hope that you have seen enough here to become interested in viewing the rest of the website.
I have taken Quanton  Physics about as far as I can go and hope that others will step in to take the concept further.