Helpful Background Information

 The following quotations are taken from The Urantia Book (UB) and from Love Without End (LWE) followed by (my interpretation) of the information that has been revealed. This information is intended to guide us to the truth. Please read it carefully to get as much as possible out of it. In this section, I hope that this information can be used to refine the understanding of the interaction between the basic Quanton pattern piece and the Quanta Field.

The quotations are identified by book:

The Urantia Book as UB followed by Paper#:Section#.Paragraph#.

Love Without End as LWE followed by Page#.

UB42:3.2(1) – “Ultimatonic matter—the prime physical units of material existence, the energy particles which go to make up electrons.”

(Called the Ultimaton in the UB, the adamantine particle in (LWE) and the Quanton in Quanton Physics.)

UB42:4.1 – “Light, heat, electricity,magnetism, chemism, energy and matter are–in origin, nature and destiny–one and the same.”

(The Quanton creates the fractal pattern which in turn builds the larger patterns of our perceived material world.)

UB42:4.7 – “Temperature–heat and cold–is secondary only to gravity in the realms of energy and matter evolution. Ultimatons are humbly obedient to temperature extremes. Low temperatures favor certain forms of electronic construction and atomic assembly, while high temperatures facilitate all sorts of atomic breakup and material disintegration. When subjected to the heat and pressure of certain internal solar states, all but the most primitive associations of matter may be broken up. Heat can thus largely overcome gravity stability. But no known solar heat or pressure can convert ultimatons back into puissant energy.”

(Quanton patterns can be created and destroyed, but the individual basic Quanton pattern pieces can neither be created nor destroyed.)

UB42:4.12 – “The existence of pre-electronic forms of matter is indicated by the two atomic weights of lead. The lead of original formation weighs slightly more than that produced through uranium disintegration by way of radium emanations; and this difference in atomic weight represents the actual loss of energy in the atomic breakup.”

(I don’t have an interpretation of this but hope that somebody else will.)

UB42:4.14 – “The quantity of energy taken in or given out when electronic or other positions are shifted is always a “quantum” or some multiple thereof, but the vibratory or wavelike behavior of such units of energy is wholly determined by the dimensions of the material structures concerned. Such wavelike energy ripples are 860 times the diameters of the ultimatons, electrons, atoms or other units thus performing. The never-ending confusion attending the observation of the wave mechanics of quantum behavior is due to the superimposition of energy waves: Two crests can combine to make a double-height crest, while a crest and a trough may combine, thus producing mutual cancellation.”

(Each basic Quanton pattern piece exposes just one quantum in the Quanta Field. Multiple Quantons combine to expose multiple quanta.

UB42:5.4 – “Ultimatons, electrons and other mass aggregations of energy are uniform particles of matter, and in their transit through space they really proceed in direct lines.  Light and all other forms of recognizable energy manifestations consist of a succession of definite energy particles which proceed in direct lines except as modified by gravity and other intervening forces. That these processions of energy particles appear as wave phenomena when subjected to certain observations is due to the resistance of the undifferentiated force blanket of all space, the hypothetical ether, and to the intergravity tension of the associated aggregations of matter. The spacing of the particle-intervals of matter, together with initial velocity of the energy beams, establishes the undulatory appearance of many forms of energy-matter.”

(This is describing the movement of quanton patterns through the Quanta Field.)

UB42:5.5 – “The excitation of the content of space produces a wavelike reaction to the passage of rapidly moving particles of matter just as passage of a ship through water initiates waves of varying amplitude and interval.”

(I believe this can be explained using the attractive magnetism and vibrational orientation of the Quanta Field.)

UB42:6.1 – “While the space charge of universal force is homogeneous and undifferentiated, the organization of evolved energy into matter entails the concentration of energy into discrete masses of definite dimensions and established weight–precise gravity reaction.”

(The basic Quanton pattern piece combines to expose multiple units of the Quanta Field in photonic patterns and in the larger patterns of compression.)

UB42:6.3 – “Ultimatons function by mutual attraction, responding only to the circular Paradise-gravity pull.”

(The joining of basic Quanton pattern pieces relies on mutual attraction.  We can ignore the rest for now.)

UB42:6.4 – “The ultimatons, unknown on Urantia, slow down through many phases of physical activity before they attain the revolutionary energy prerequisites to electronic organization. Ultimatons have three varieties of motion: mutual resistance to cosmic force, individual revolutions of antigravity potential and the intraelectronic positions of the one hundred mutually interassociated ultimatons.”

(One hundred mutually interassociated “chords” (an eight quantum pattern?) create the electron which is the building block for the rest of matter.) 

LWE93 – “They (adamantine/quanton particles) are the fundamental building blocks of physical existence–particularized energy potentials which activate, unify and give form to infinity. As points, they are irreducible, indivisible and generic; and their very existence establishes dimension. Between one point and another, there is dimension. Between a series of points, here is a pattern of dimension. Thus there is space. The dynamic of energy exists through rhythmic activation and repetition of these patterns. Matter is formulated as these patterns and rhythms become more complex and specialized.”

(Our sense of time and space was brought into being by the creation of the basic Quanton pattern piece.)

LWE97 – “Physical existence is comprised of adamantine particles and space–mostly vast amounts of space. These particles cohere magnetically to form the basis for all complex patterns of matter and form. Conglomerations build structure, which are then held together by energetic tension, which creates the illusion of solidarity. All solidity is structure, and structure accounts for all solidity. If we would penetrate the barriers that stand between us and the infinite supply of energy we must realize the illusion and look beyond structure.”

(Electromagnetic energy is structure. It is the illusion which prevents access to the infinite energy of the Quanta Field.)

LWE107 – “man’s ability to understand them (adamantine/quanton particles) is dependent on graduating to a holistic understanding of the universe.”

(Matter is a pattern of vibrating magnetic light energy.  It is the pattern that moves spatially, not the energy. The same energy and pattern only exist for an instant as the pattern moves through the Quanta Field. Note the reference to the holistic nature of the universe. This is finally being recognized in the connected universe theory of Nassim Harramein.)

LWE110 – “Some people can perceive adamantine radiance with the naked eye. It’s an ancient perception which most people have allowed to go dormant. That is what people mean when they see auras, or glowing radiance around things.”

(This registered with me as my daughter experienced this with some frequency in her teens – less now as an adult.)

LWE300 – “If you would think upon the function of love scientifically, think of it as a reversal transference–a point of function where two complementary forces, in the presence of a third stabilizing factor, exchange modes and one becomes the other. This is primary magnetism and compression. It is an ongoing function among all primary particles and energies. In organic life, DNA is constructed to conduct this complex and mysterious function. —- Differences of potential are established and activation of them begins. Simultaneously, there is holding and a releasing action which isolates the presence of a constant center, existing neutrally toward the activating variables. This field can be seen to functionally operate as the ‘zero point’ for compressing and expanding energy. The outer perimeter of a whole can never be determined for there is no point at which one element does not connect with yet another. A whole is designated by its character and quality–not by its boundaries! Its center, however, can be marked by ‘0’. The forces expanding from that point exponentially multiply the energy released. Simultaneously, through the aspect of energetic tension, energy is transferred from one extreme of expansion to another. By these reversals, torque is generated, and that sets in motion a magnetic spin, or vortex.” 

(The basic Quanton pattern piece involves three quantum in the Quanta Field. It exposes two quantum using spherical rotation to alternately expose one of them as being out of sync. The third quantum governs the interaction of the pattern with the Quanta Field. I find this statement compatible with the mechanics of spherical rotation and the patterns of sacred geometry.)

LWE301 – “I was particularly intrigued by his explanation that the entire universe was built on compression and that is the law of energy.  Simply stated, compression generates energy, expansion releases it.”

(Compression is another term for the conversion of linear kinetic energy to the potential energy captured in the spin and internal vibration of the larger, non-photonic, quanton patterns. The denser the pattern the greater the compression.)

LWE302 – “Like the laws of conservation, the laws of thermodynamics are relevant to fields of density capable of generating and responding to thermal energy. In regard to those fields of density, these laws are accurate for all practical purposes. However, there is a fatal disability of thermodynamics to logically integrate the whole of existence. It defines energy as a function of matter existing within a macroscopic system, isolated against a backdrop of the infinite imperturbable ‘unknown’. Its primary regard for infinity–if it has any at all–is as a ‘catch-all’ for leftover existence which cannot otherwise be explained. This is usually what is referred to as ‘dark matter’. —- Defining the universe as a macroscopic system of matter and energy isolated against an impenetrable field of raw unknown, or dark matter, creates the same kind of ‘sandbag’ against infinity. Furthermore, it eliminates synchronicity and hyper synchronicity as scientific principles, and limits the subject of compression to the ‘crash and bang’ formulas of thermodynamics.”

(Electromagnetic energy is not foundational it is derived from the unrecognized infinite energy of the Quanta Field.)

LWE303 – “You must understand that the functional power of this sub-stratum can never be defined by structure or absolute quantities, because it precedes the realm of structure. Nevertheless, its potential can be understood and accessed. Its stasis provides a basis for fluctuating potentials and for the compression or propulsion of potentialities. Such potentials activate vortexes that may be located, predicted, and affected by angles and proportions. These are not, however, macroscopic systems floating in isolation within a larger indefinable field. This substratum is simplistic, and essentially the web of all other connections.  As particles and other elements coordinate with this substratum, there is an increasing simplification in the direction of zero, and an increasing complexity with distance from zero.”

(The term structure is reserved for use in describing the patterns of our material world. Structural patterns do not form within the spiritual energy. The Quanta Field does form vortexes which govern the movement of the material world structures.)

LWE305 – In response to the question “Is infinity explainable in terms of matter, energy, time and space?” “Not definable, but explainable, —-  consider this. Two particles are traveling at the speed of light in opposite directions. If you regard their embarkation position as a fixed ‘geocentric’ mass, the particles will prove to be traveling at the speed of light, which is the constant of motion in relation to mass. However, you might perceive an alternate connection between the departing two particles, which is a point of equilibrium ascribed not by their point of origin, but rather by their collective impulse to perform. This can be designated as a ‘0’ point, from which they can be observed as expanding at twice the speed of light. These two original particles can then ‘bump’ and activate more particles into a many fold replication of this process.

(This would appear to tie in with the previous quotation from page LWE300 further explaining “0” point.)

Working Section

 I n t e r a c t i o n   B e t w e e n   t h e   Q u a n t o n   a n d   t h e   Q u a n t a   F i e l d

Quantum physicists are beginning to acknowledge the fact that space is not empty.

In 1955 The Urantia Book described space as filled with an as yet unrecognized field of vibrating, non-polarized magnetic energy. That is the source for Postulate One of Quanton Physics. The Quanta Field is still not fully recognized but scientists are often finding it necessary to propose concepts which are increasingly similar to the mechanics which the Quanta Field can provide in order to explain what they are seeing. There is increasing recognition of the fact that space is not empty go here to see The Connected Universe trailer.

Go here for a summary of RS-2 the extension of physicist Dewey B. Larsen’s Reciprocal System of Physics. You will find additional insights which could prove to be useful in further defining the properties of the Quanta Field.

The following thoughts are offered as a way of getting started on a more detailed analysis of the geometry of Quanton Physics and how the basic Quanton pattern piece might interact with the Quanta Field.
The Quantum of the Quanta Field

The quantum spherical regions (spheres) of the Quanta Field are postulated as being hexagonally packed which means that there are six axes at 60°. The Individual quantum exists as an indivisible spherical region in space. The diameter of this quantum spherical region defines the indivisible dimensional unit of (1) as used in Quanton Physics to explain our “material’ world of time and space.

This would be the (1) in the golden ratio of 1.618∞. Since the golden ratio governs the creation and growth of all material patterns it would probably also be the (1) in the Planck length of 1.616199(97)x10^-35 meters as 1.616 is close in size to 1.618 at 10^-35 meters. This would not let us know the actual size of (1) as the Planck length refers to the smallest “material” pattern rather than to the smallest photonic pattern. (1) is going to be really, really small.

The basic Quanton pattern piece

The quantum spherical regions (spheres) of vibrating non-polarized magnetic energy are only recognized as existing in time and space when they are exposed as “being out of sync with the Quanta field” by the Quanton. The basic Quanton pattern piece is used to create the various quanton patterns.

The image on the left shows the basic Quanton pattern piece which is also the smallest photon pattern. We only alternately see one of the two top spheres. The third sphere (underneath) is the connection to the Quanta Field and remains hidden.

   It can clearly be seen that this is the same as the sacred geometry fractal pattern.

The First Dimension
Multiple quantum spheres can be exposed by linking basic Quanton pattern pieces together in a straight line to create multiple units of one.

These lines can only form along one of the six 60° axis lines of hexagonal packing.

In the image below, the third (hidden sphere) in the basic Quanton pattern piece is represented by the dotted circles. The dotted circles are unseen and do not create a second dimension in our time and space. The four black circles represent the coupling of three basic Quanton pattern pieces starting from the left by overlapping one of loops. Note how the dotted red circles centered under each of the black circle pairs forms the fractal pattern of sacred geometry.

The green color represents vibration to the right. The purple color represents vibration to the left. The actual vibration of the Quanta Field is contained within each quantum sphere (each circle). The first black loop of the quanton pattern allows us to “see” this vibration going to the right. The second black loop allows us to see the vibration as appearing to continue to the right instead of reversing itself. This apparent lengthening of the vibration continues as long as there are linked Quantons (black loops).

At the right end of the Quanton chain the vibration appears to reverse its direction and travel to the left until the left end of the chain is reached at which time it appears to reverse itself again. This is how changes in the apparent vibration rate are achieved. We see this reversal of the apparent vibration rate within a photonic pattern as the amplitude of the sine wave created by the linear movement of photonic patterns through the Quanta Field.

The vibration follows the chords of the black Quanton pattern loops. The underlying dotted quantum loop facilitates the apparent crossover of the vibration from one black Quanton loop to the next. Both the male (straight line X) and female (circle) halves of the (compressed) inner circle of the sacred geometry pattern can be seen forming. Sacred geometry patterns are made up of strings of Quantons along the axes of the Quanta Field.

The Second Dimension

The shapes which create the second dimension of Quanton Physics are the equilateral triangle, a hexagon formed by three equilateral triangles sharing one central sphere in common and a rhombus formed by two identical equilateral triangles of any size sharing one side in common.

These are the only two dimensional shapes that can be formed along the hexagonal axes of a single plane. The smaller quanton patterns, the photons, are patterns on a single plane.  I have assumed that as the pattern moves it could change the angle of the plane to follow the 60 degree axis lines in a twisting, right hand screwing motion and that this could create the appearance of the sine wave that we see. I hope to establish a dialog to further develop an understanding of these photon patterns and their motion in the section on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The third dimension of Quanton Physics and our “material” world is not created by the motion of the photon patterns. We do not get “compression” and therefor photons are not considered to have “material” mass. The third dimension and the creation of “material” structures must wait for the appearance of compression (condensation) and creation of the electron pattern.

The Third Dimension
Created by compression
When the”captured” photonic energy is restricted to vibrating over multiple planes.

The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) contains one hundred chords (the chord is assumed to be an eight quantum pattern). The addition of one Quanton to the largest pattern of the EMS results in compression, the conversion of linear kinetic energy into the internal “captured” vibrational energy and spin associated with the pattern for the electron. The process of compression creates the third dimension of our time and space as the internal vibration of the quanton pattern occurs over multiple planes. Spherical rotation is the key to compression and to the development of three dimensional patterns as it allows them to exist in the Quanta Field without tearing it up. It is probable that matter is the “seen” half of the alternating nature of spherical rotation and that anti-matter is the “unseen” half.

In our third dimension the tetrahedron and aggregated spherical patterns are added to the fundamental geometric shapes supported by the Quanta Field. When the basic Quanton pattern piece is creating three dimensional spherical shapes which cannot be directly supported by 60° axes, the non-polarized attractive magnetism of the Quanta Field exerts an attractive force which minimizes separation by pulling everything towards a central point. The spin of the pattern creates the spherical shape that we are all familiar with. As stated earlier, this alignment of the attractive magnetic vibrations of the Quanta Field can be used to explain the gravitational force. 

   Top Views                                                                                                                                                              Side Views 

   A three Quanton pattern sharing a common “zero-point” quantum.

This tetrahedron is the simplest pattern in three dimensions. It is the building block of our “material” world. Three Quantons combine to form the four equilateral triangle faces.

In Quanton Physics it is recognized that electromagnetic “light” energy creates the particles of our perceived “material” world. It is useful to remember that, due to the constant speed of light, time and distance are interchangeable at the quantum level. The size of our material world particles is directly related to the apparent vibration rate of the light patterns that create them.

I believe that the basic Quanton pattern piece moves through the Quanta Field at the speed of light because one of its pattern loops is 180° out of phase in the manner of a mirror image. I would relate this to the 180° rotation required for the starting position of the sphere in the following illustration of spherical rotation by R.W.Gray. Several years ago RWGray did quite a bit of work in analyzing the spherically rotating quantum electromagnetic incoming and outgoing waves of Milo Wolff’s Wave Structure of matter (WSM) concept. I hope to engage his interest in updating his analysis of the WSM using the postulates of Quanton Physics.

The basic Quanton pattern piece establishes the initial 180° rotation so any subsequent rotating interaction with the Quanta Field should have the properties associated with spherical rotation. In his analysis of spherical rotation RWGray concludes by pointing out that there are two streamlines along the “z” axis of rotation which become spiral shapes in a plane.

I have assumed that this could translate into a right hand screwing action for movement of the photonic quanton patterns which move linearly through the Quanta Field. It is difficult to visualize the twisting plane movement of the photonic quanton patterns and beyond my abilities to illustrate it. The pattern must move from sphere to sphere which it could do by following any one of the 60° axes depending on how it interacts with the vibrating energy of the Quanta Field.

Here are some of the ideas that I have been working with in regard to movement of the basic Quanton pattern piece (smallest photon).

The circles represent the spheres of the Quanta Field with arrows showing a direction of vibration and time increments represented by T1, T2, T3 etc. The arrows represent vibration and change with time (below diagram). The quanton pattern (two circles) overlays the two middle rows. The third circle of the pattern (centered under the other two) shows very faintly and represents a sphere located on another plane of the Quanta Field. I picture a jigsaw movement depicted by the long arrows T1-T1, T1-T2, T2-T2, T2-T3, T3-T3, etc.

It would actually be occurring in a right hand screwing motion so this is a very crude picture. The jigsaw motion can be seen in the picture on the left with the screwing motion depicted by overlapping of the circles.
The image on the left is another way of showing this action with the basic Quanton pattern piece oriented vertically.
As time passes, the Quanton pattern continues to move through the plenum while continuing to alternate the exposure of one of the two quantum spheres in the pattern.
Alternation of the exposed sphere (green) approximates  the appearance of a sine wave.
The diagram on the left is another way of showing the motion as it relates to motion along the chord lines which form a hexagon on the central planes within each sphere.

I have gone about as far as I can go. I hope that some of you will now step in to find a better way to understand and describe the interaction between the basic Quanton pattern piece and the Quanta Field in this section. How this movement is affected as additional basic Quanton pattern pieces are added to create the larger photonic patterns may best be left for exploration in the section on the electromagnetic spectrum.

This is just the beginning. I hope to see a dialog established to further develop the understanding of the basic Quanton pattern piece and its interaction with the Quanta Field.