(This section is still under initial development)

The following quotations are taken from The Urantia Book (UB) and from Love Without End (LWE) followed by (my interpretation) of the information that has been revealed. This information is intended to guide us to the truth. Please read it carefully in order to get the most out of it. In this section I hope to see a dialog established to further develop the refinement of Einstein's energy equation. The quotations are identified by book:
The Urantia Book as UB followed by
Love Without End as LWE followed by page#
UB42:4.11 - "The increase of mass in matter is equal to the increase of energy divided by the square of the velocity of light. In a dynamic sense the work which resting matter can perform is equal to the energy expended in bringing its parts together from Paradise minus the resistance of the forces overcome in transit and the attraction exerted by the parts of matter on one another."
(One "c" comes from the Quanta Field and one "c" comes from capturing linear kinetic energy as spin and internal vibration.)
LWE304 - The following was said in response to the question "What is the most pivotal viewpoint which needs changing in the disciplines of physical science?" "That energy=mass. Actually, energy is potential. The perfection of Einstein's equation lies in the fact that it is written E=mc^2, not E=M (conditioned by the constant of light squared). You may think this difference is too subtle to matter. Yet, I promise you it is equal to the difference between geocentric and heliocentric explanations of your solar system! In his formula, Einstein isolated the bottom line factors of energy in the conservational field. Mass provides the quantity, light provides the constant and the square designates the quality. In a conservational field, replication and containment is 'the quality'. E=mc^2 is universally relevant because it gives equal weight to all three factors. You see, energy is potential which is inter-dimensional and inter-positional. Many extrapolations derived from Einstein's theory tend to reinforce the limited assumption that energy is equivalent to mass and mass exerts gravitational force. The primary drive behind such thinking is to develop the broadest, most workable, definitions of the universe that can yield the maximum proprietary control within the conservational field. Once it is understood that energy is potential comprised of a quantity, a constant and a quality, then theories will be developed which can be applied to many situations within and beyond the conservational field. With that understanding, conditions of infinity will be comprehensible."
(It is loud and clear that electromagnetic energy is not foundational. It is derived from the vibrating, attractive magnetic light energy of the Quanta Field.)
LWE305 - In response to a question about the applicability of chaos theory - "Yes, that theory represents progress in regard to recognition of simultaneity and qualitative replication, because infinity is the simultaneous transmission of potential through similarities of quality. Nevertheless, the search for a single numerical constant for every instance of chaos will not prove fruitful."
(This sounds like another way of describing hypersynchronicity.)
LWE305 - "Angularity expresses the quality of infinity, for, by implication, do not angles extend infinitely? Infinite quantity progress proportionately, in the way that progressions of 'half-life' approach but never reach '0'. ----  A constant is a factor, dimension, potential or point which is unchanging within a particular context. Every constant is an index of equilibrium--the point from which all variations and accelerations in that context depart and by which they may be measured. Take, for example, the speed of light. The brilliance of Einstein's observation about the constant of light is that he was the first to demonstrate equilibrium in motion as a constant of energy. Actually the whole galaxy is equilibrium in motion. Locate the anchoring points of equilibrium and you've located the constant. Simple as that realization may seem, many discoveries dependent on it are currently being inhibited or overlooked by the mistaken association of equilibrium with inert, motionless, 'dead-points' where action, life and function are relatively suspended. This comes from observing equilibrium in structure--like the function of a seesaw, the hub of a wheel, or the inertia of a resting object."
(The hexagonal packing of the Quanta Field of infinite energy would suggest the use of a 60 degree angle to express the quality in the energy equation.)
LWE306 - "True equilibrium is vital, reciprocal, synchronistic. It generates the utmost in potential even though its constancy represents a 'still-point' for surrounding variables. ---- It is the function of a constant to stabilize variables; therefore it would be a mistake to view it as a frozen absolute. Occasionally the function of a constant is so obvious that it may be indicated, measured, and assigned a numerical value, as in the case with light (deductive reasoning). Normally, however, the constant must be isolated through reciprocal factors within a field of variables (inductive reasoning)."
(It appears that the constant in the energy equation should represent the "0" point of the quanton pattern.)
LWE306 - "What is important is that you equate energy with potential, and know that potential is comprised of a quantity, a constant, and a quality. Regardless of what value is assigned to the constant, it draws its stability and equilibrium from the '0' point of hyper synchronicity which is present in all phenomena."
(I think that the Quanton pattern, sacred geometry and spherical rotation will all need to be considered.)