(This section is still under initial development)

The following quotations are taken from The Urantia Book (UB) followed by (my interpretation) of the information that has been revealed. This information is intended to guide us to the truth. Please read if carefully in order to get the most out of it. In this section, I hope to see a dialog established to further develop an understanding of the Quanton pattern for the proton.
Will we find that the difference between the proton and the hydrogen atom is just the addition of an electron?
The quotations from The Urantia Book are identified as UB followed by Page#:Section#.Paragraph#
UB42:6.7 - "Each atom is a trifle over 1/100,000,000th of an inch in diameter, while an electron weighs a little more than 1/2000th of the smallest atom, hydrogen. The positive proton, characteristic of the atomic nucleus, while it may be no larger than a negative electron, weighs almost two thousand times more."
(I think I see a clue here that the proton and neutron swap places in a single pattern.)
UB42:6.8 - "If the mass of matter should be magnified until that of the electron equaled one tenth of an ounce, then were size to be proportionately magnified, the volume of such an electron would become as large as that of the earth. If the volume of a proton--eighteen hundred times as heavy as an electron--should be magnified to the size of the head of a pin, then, in comparison, a pin's head would attain a diameter equal to that of the earth's orbit around the sun."
(I do not know how this compares with the current calculations of quantum physics.)