This section of the website is particularly oriented to people who are already familiar with the book Love Without End (LWE). It will be helpful if you have already read the introduction to Quanton Physics and are working your way through the Pillars of Quanton Physics. I found it easy to accept LWE as another example of the spiritual guidance being offered to us. I recognized the Jeshua of LWE as unmistakably having the same matchless personality as the Jesus that I had come to know in Part IV of The Urantia Book.

I consider The Urantia Book to be first and foremost as a source of the celestial guidance which is being offered to us and which we ignore at our peril. The 2,097 pages contain information which is priceless. Part I, in particular, can be very daunting; but Part IV, the 774 page story of the life of Jesus on our planet Urantia, is just like reading a fascinating novel and is the best place to start. Part III is also well worth reading as it puts much of what we have wondered about in regard to our planet, Urantia, into a believable and helpful context. The facts of our evolution are presented in such a way that reasonable people on both sides of the scientific/theological argument should find it acceptable for teaching in our schools. That is just one example of the value and quality of the information contained in the pages of The Urantia Book. If you want to know what happens when you die, go on to Part II. I highly recommend The Urantia Book to readers of Love Without End.

My belief in the truth of Love Without End was solidified by the quantum science information which it contains. The quantum physics of LWE is the same as that in Paper 42 of The Urantia Book but the properties of what I have called the Quanta Field are greatly expanded on and are incorporated in the development of Quanton Physics. The two postulates of Quanton Physics are found in both books. The Quanton pattern of Quanton Physics is my name for the adamantine particle of LWE which I believe is the same as the ultimaton of The Urantia Book.

Quantum physics is failing in the effort to realistically describe the quantum world using electromagnetic energy as the foundational source of energy. Quanton Physics develops a more realistic description by showing that electromagnetic energy is a derived source of energy. Spiritual believers have a reason to support the development and acceptance of Quanton Physics. The two postulates are based on the existence of an as yet unrecognized Quanta Field of “spiritual” energy and the “God created” Quanton pattern. The constant and instantaneous interaction between pattern and field can be seen to validate the spiritual belief in brotherhood of man and oneness with God.

I encourage you to explore the remainder of the website. The understanding of Quanton Physics requires little more than an open mind, a willingness to think outside the box and perhaps a struggle to remember the math and geometry that you were introduced to in high school.