This section of the website is particularly oriented to followers of the website “On truth and Reality” which has incorporated Dr. Milo Wolff’s concepts regarding the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM). It will be helpful if you have already read the introduction to Quanton Physics and are working your way through the Pillars of Quanton Physics.

I have read Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe and Schrodinger’s Universe written by Dr. Wolff. I welcomed and was encouraged by his invitation to join him in exploring the physics of the unknown universe as one of the pioneers. I hope that you will bear with me as I try to explain how the spherical rotation concept of WSM and the appearance of incoming and outgoing spherically rotating quantum electromagnetic waves are embedded in Quanton Physics. I fully support the spiritual nature of your website and am hopeful that your spiritual orientation will make it easier for you to stay with me when I tell you that Quanton Physics is based on what I consider to be sources of celestial revelation.

The two postulates of Quanton Physics are my interpretation of information contained in Paper 42 of The Urantia Book and repeated again in Love Without End. The Urantia Book was published in 1955. I first read it in the 1960’s but did not return to it until the 1980’s when the spiritual interests of my daughter prompted me to take an interest in spiritual insights and experiences as related in the Autobiography of a Yogi. Paramahansa Yogananda was the yogi who brought the practice of Kriya Yoga from India to the United States in the 1930’s and founded SRF the Self Realization Fellowship. I have come to appreciate the deep spiritual insights that exist throughout the world outside the confines of organized religion. I returned to The Urantia Book in the 1980’s and have since grown to love it and consider it to be first and foremost as a source of the celestial guidance which is being offered to us and which we ignore at our peril.

I more recently have read the book Love Without End (LWE) by artist Glenda Green. Love Without End was first published in 1999 and covers an event that occurred in the early 1990’s. LWE shares the experience of an extended conversation with Joshua. When I started reading LWE I expected to find the usual material of many other books which claim to have had conversations with Jesus or God, but that soon changed. Here was unmistakably the same Jesus that I had come to know and love in the 774 pages of Part IV of The Urantia Book. An even more compelling reason for believing in the truth of LWE was the extensive section on quantum physics. The ultimaton of The Urantia Book is called the adamantine particle in LWE but I believe that they are absolutely the same pattern. This pattern is called the Quanton in Quanton Physics.

Quantum physics is failing in the effort to realistically describe the quantum world using electromagnetic energy as the foundational source of energy. WSM solves part of the problem by replacing the concept of particles with spherically rotating quantum waves, but electromagnetic energy is still considered to be foundational and the properties of space remain shrouded in mystery. Quanton Physics is able to lift this veil and develop a simple and reasonable description of the quantum world by showing that electromagnetic energy is a derived source of energy.

If you are interested in learning more about Quanton Physics I highly recommend that you start by reading Love Without End as it is an easy read. If you feel that you are reading “truth” in LWE, then I would encourage you to step up to The Urantia Book. The 2097 pages contain information which is priceless. Part I, in particular, can be very daunting; but Part IV, the story of the life of Jesus on our planet, Urantia, is just like reading a fascinating novel. I would recommend that you start with Part IV and then go to Part III, the history of Urantia. Part III is well worth the read as it puts much of what we have wondered about our planet, Urantia, into a believable and helpful context. The facts of our evolution are presented in such a way that reasonable people on both sides of the scientific/theological argument should find it acceptable for teaching in our schools. That is just one example of the value and quality of the information contained in the pages of The Urantia Book. If you want to know what happens when you die, go on to Part II.

Spiritual believers have a reason to support the development and acceptance of Quanton Physics. The two postulates of Quanton Physics introduce the concept of a “God created” pattern (the Quanton) which moves through an as yet unrecognized plenum of fixed vibrating, non-polarized magnetic spiritual energy (the Quanta Field). Dr. Wolff’s insight regarding spherical rotation is embedded in the quanton patterns of Quanton Physics. The movement of the electron pattern through the Quanta Field creates the appearance of the incoming and outgoing spherically rotating quantum electromagnetic waves of WSM. Both the Wave Structure of Matter concept and Quanton Physics involve constant and instantaneous interaction with an energy field which is shared by all humanity. This is a construct which validates the spiritual beliefs in the brotherhood of man and oneness with God.

I agree with the WSM premise that the electron is the building block for everything larger than itself in our material world. Quanton Physics starts below the electron and uses the basic Quanton pattern of spherical rotation to build all of the photon patterns of the 100 octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each octave pattern contains six basic Quanton pattern pieces which “expose” eight quantum from the Quanta Field. The addition of one Quanton to the final and largest photon pattern results in the creation of the electron pattern. The electron pattern absorbs the linear kinetic energy of the photon pattern by converting it to the “captured” vibration and spin energy of the electron pattern. The shape of the electron pattern is such that passage through the Quanta Field gives the appearance of the Space Resonance postulated for the WSM.

I hope that you will see Quanton Physics as compatible enough to be incorporated into the concept of the Wave Structure of Matter as an answer to some of the open questions. I encourage you to explore the remainder of the website. The understanding of Quanton Physics requires little more than an open mind, a willingness to think outside the box and perhaps a struggle to remember the math and geometry that you were introduced to in high school.  

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